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My theme development course on Treehouse is really starting to reap results. This is version 4.0 of jamespask.net and is powered by the theme that I built from following the video tutorials on Treehouse. Because the site is based on pages and posts as opposed to just posts, some of the original content has been removed and the rest has been refreshed.

I would have never even tackled the treehouse training if I’d not have been on the Symbiosis course at Leamington Spa and to the team there, I am eternally greatful!

This current site is based on Fusion 5 so the CSS styling isn’t my own at the moment – I still need to brush up on my skills but the next version will most likely be built upon Twitter Bootstrap with some Treehouse wizardry thrown in. Let me know what you think!

I’m now using Google Analytics on the site to monitor traffic and see where people go. Dismiss this warning to accept that you’re ok with cookies.